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Home Security Visits


I will act as a security measure by keeping your house looking occupied, by:-

  • Bring in your post

  • Turn lights on and off,

  • Opening and closing your curtains

  • Watering plants

  • Putting out and bringing in bins 

  • I will also be there to deal with any emergencies that might arise such as power cuts/burst pipes. 

  • pet sitting can also be added.



Prices start from £8


Contact Safe and Snug


Have peace of mind knowing your house is safe and snug while you're away. You will be more relax knowing your home is safe and secure. An empty home can attract burglars, but with a house sitter, your house will look occupied.

pet sitter, dog walker, house sitting in Southampton
house sitting, dog walking, pet sitting, Southampton
pet sitter, dog walker, house sitter in Southampton