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Lunch Time /Puppy Visits 

These visits are perfect for young or elderly pets that will need a toilet break midday, feeding or to be given medication. Safe and snug can give you the freedom to go to work or go away  for the day with the knowledge that  your pet is safe, happy and relaxed at home. 

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puppy sitter and dog walker in hedge end
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This is a ideal solution if you are out at work for long hours and still wish to maintain your pets routine, continue house training, provide some companionship, light exercise and feeding. This is also great for days that you may be away from your pets for longer periods than usual and are worried about leaving your pet alone for this extended amount of time.


I will pop into your house around midday to provide:-

  • a toilet break for puppies or elderly dogs

  • companionship

  • medication (if required)

  • clean up any accidence 

  • feed

  • health check

  • provide lots of fuss and playtime.


Prices start from £10 


Contact me today.




puppy sitter and dog walker in Southampton