Pet Sitting

Most animals are more relaxed in their own homes, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. Change to their routine in particular being transported to a cattery/kennels can be very stressful and traumatic to your pet. Safe and snug can give you the freedom to go away and leave your pet in the safe, happy and relaxing environment of your own home. This also provides the added safety of avoiding unnecessary exposure to contagious diseases, sickness or parasites from being boarded with other animals.

pet sitter in Southampton
cat sitter and dog walking in Southampton


I will visit your home on a regular basis, usually once or twice each day, attending to your pet’s every need.  Frequency and time of safe and snugs visits can be arranged to suit your requirements.


Services included in the price:

  • feeding

  • provided fresh water

  • cleaning litter trays/cages

  • letting pets out/in

  • plenty of individual TLC, play time, strokes, grooming and cuddles.

  • administering medication/special care

  • a daily pet health check

  • leaving a daily diary for your return 

  • ​mid-service pet updates (by text/email)

Free Bonus services

I will also provide home security while you are away from bringing in your post, water house and garden plants (within reason), turning on/off lights,  opening/ closing curtains, putting out bins and just giving you home the lived in look. I will also given your house a quick clean to ensure it is tidy for your return. 



Prices from £10


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